Pixar Studios to remake Disney's Tron?

The cult sci-fi movie Tron may be the next project for Pixar, though the studio declines to comment.

It set the scene for a generation of hi-tech sci-fi movies and, arguably, inspired some of the best films of the genre. Tron, the legendary Disney movie loved by the thirty-something generation, is rumored to be in the re-make room with some very serious backers, including Steve Jobs.

Jobs, on stage this week with the iBook, also has another day job, running Pixar Animation Studios (Nasdaq:PIXR), maker of "Toy Story" and "A Bug's Life." According to one source, Pixar may be working on a remake of the classic '80s sci-fi film.

The source, who asked not to be identified, said Pixar is trying to decide whether to remake the original or create a sequel. It will begin work on the project once Toy Story II hits the theaters November 24. John Lasseter, Toy Story's director, will head the production.

Lending fuel to the rumor, Lasseter has gone on record crediting Tron as the driving inspiration behind Toy Story. He saw the film while working as an animator on Mickey's Christmas Carol and had two best friends on the production team.

"It [Tron] was the future. It was the potential I saw in computer animation," Lasseter said.

A spokesperson for Pixar in Richmond, Calif., said she was not aware of any Tron projects, but if it were to happen, it would likely be led by Disney. Disney owns 5.2 percent of Pixar. The company did not return calls by press time.