Poll: Pick your top trend for SaaS in 2007

I've listed ten of the most distinctive predictions from around the Web for SaaS in 2007. Vote for your favorite prediction and help decide the top trend in SaaS for the coming year.
Written by Phil Wainewright, Contributor

Yesterday, I pointed to a number of predictions for SaaS in 2007 made by analysts, bloggers and others around the Web. I've set out my own predictions in earlier posts, looking at SaaS as part of a wider move to Internet-based business services, and discussing trends towards composite application assembly and support for offline working.

Now it's your turn. I've listed ten of the most distinctive predictions below, so that you can pick your favorite prediction and in doing so help us arrive at the collective wisdom of the crowd who reads this blog. Choose carefully, since you only have one vote, and it's not an easy decision.

[poll id=3]

Thank you for voting. If you want to qualify your vote or 'write-in' a different prediction, go ahead and post a comment in Talkback.

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