Poll: Vista gets vote of no confidence

The majority of silicon.com readers don't ever plan to migrate…

The majority of silicon.com readers don't ever plan to migrate…

Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system is failing to win over silicon.com readers, with two-thirds (65 per cent) saying their organisation will never move onto XP's successor.

More than a year after Vista's business release, the latest silicon.com poll asked readers when they think their organisation will migrate to Redmond's latest OS offering.

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Of those companies considering a move to Vista, almost one third (28 per cent) said they aren't planning to do so until at least 2009 or later.

This left just four per cent of respondents saying they plan to upgrade within the next year and a mere one per cent looking to do so within the next six months.

Just two per cent of more than 800 respondents to the poll said their company has already made the move to Vista.

Businesses are not rushing to upgrade to Vista because of compatibility issues and a perceived lack of benefits over its predecessor, XP.

In another recent silicon.com poll, XP was named by 42 per cent of respondents as their most preferred OS. Vista gained 14 per cent of the vote but was beaten by both Apple's Mac OS X and Linux.

But despite these concerns, Microsoft says the business uptake of Vista has met expectations and is following the same pattern as previous major OS releases.