PPT slides from eBay-Skype investor pitch

These will give you an idea what's on eBay's mind as they do this $2.6 billion buy of Skype.

These will give you an idea what's on eBay's mind as they do this $2.6 billion buy of Skype.

Taking a look at the eBay Aquisition of Skype PowerPoint presentation on the eBay Investor site today, I chanced across some very strategically revealing slides.

Pix is worth a thousand words, PPT slides are worth even more, so let's get this show on the road.



Here we see eBay's vision for Skype: a "transaction(al) and lead-generation monetization" model that includes listing fees, final value fees, Feature fees, PayPal fees, plus "Pay per call- NOW!"







Above, we can see that eBay regards Skype as a "communications point" facilitator between sellers and buyers.



eBay regards part of their value proposition as offering lines of communication (such as PowerSeller certification, pix of items for auction or sale, etc., as channels that "historically remove friction" between buyer and seller. Thereby, they state the case that Skype will help them achieve this friction removal.



eBay thinks Skype is an ideal communications channel to "accelerate" (sales) in categories that involve "high involvement,: expensive price tag, and involve what I take them to mean "complex" communications.

Cars, collectibles, musical instruments, and other pricey goods. Yes, if I am selling a rare guitar on eBay,it would be nice to talk to my prospective purchaser about the instrument - maybe even play a lick or two?




 Here, eBay is showing "many great applications," such as Skype integrated within an eBay Internet Explorer toolbar,with Outlook, and integrated with Jyve,a third-party Web presence tool for Skype.

We'll have more up in a bit...