Professional Web video comes of age with Brightcove upgrade

Brightcove launches a major upgrade, offering new features and opening its services to smaller Web players.

The interest in professional online video used to be limited to the big companies who were integrating video clips into their marketing or social media campaigns. Today, the interest has broadened to companies of all sizes, including the small business owners who would like to use video for promotional efforts but found the offerings from companies such as Brightcove to be too much - and too expensive - for their needs.

Recognizing that, Brightcove today is announcing Brightcove 4, a major upgrade to its existing product that includes, among other things, an "Express" edition that's targeting customers of all sizes. The product starts at $99 per month. In a statement, Brightcove chairman and CEO Jeremy Allaire said:

As video becomes pervasive on the Web, publishers face increasingly complex and demanding requirements that often span multiple use-cases and devices. Brightcove 4 provides a powerful and extensible suite of new services that make it easy or customers to execute three-screen strategies and generate additional value from online video through new distribution and monetization opportunities.

The company said the Express product is designed to integrate easily with ad networks, Web analytics data and content management systems such as Wordpress, TypePad and others, enabling both large and small Web site owners to embed professional video clips into their sites.

Among the other features of Brightcove 4:

  • New cloud services, SDKs and options for publishers that allow for, among other things, easier branding and in-player design elements without the need for Flash programming.
  • Features that address new use-cases and offer advanced monetization capabilities, social sharing tools and support for live streaming.
  • New capabilities such as the ability to delivery content over the most appropriate protocol for the viewer, whether PC, mobile, connected TV or set-top box.