PS3 sales up 135% after price cut - still long way to go to catch Wii

Sony learns that in the end it really does come down to price.

Sony learns that in the end it really does come down to price.

There was no doubt in my mind that Sony had pitched the price of the PS3 way too high for it to catch on beyond hardcore Sony fans and those who live to game.  The idea that parents and those who dabble in gaming was going to shell out the kind of dough that Sony wanted for the PS3 en masse was just crazy.  And now the numbers prove it.  Sony announced yesterday that PS3 sales were up a staggering 135% in the two weeks following the $100 price cut.

Good news for Sony.

However, it's not all good news.  Numbers released by NPD Group show just how much ground Sony has to make up to catch up with Microsoft and Nintendo.  Here are the sales numbers for last month:

  • 382,000 Nintendo Wii consoles
  • 198,000 Microsoft Xbox consoles
  • 99,000 PS3 consoles

Things are also pretty dismal on the games front, with 7 out of ten of the two selling games for June being for the Wii or DS platform.

Sony's got a lot of catching up to do, and Microsoft and Nintendo can easily sink its recovery efforts by following suit and cutting prices.


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