Psion software puts SMS on 3c

Owners of Psion Series 3c handhelds can now send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) text messages over three key cellular networks.

The networks covered are Vodafone, Cellnet or Orange mobile phone networks and users get access by buying a piece of Psion software called Message Express that enables SMS when the 3C is connected to an Ericsson or Nokia handset.

Psion said SMS messages cost from 10p and can be sent anywhere in Europe, south Asia and Australia where SMS is supported. Messages of up to 160 characters can be sent.

Available through major retail outlets, Message Express also comes with Dialogue Communications' PageMail software for PCs, which lets deskbound users send SMS messages to Psion users. Psion said the concept could replace paging in some corporations. Message Express also provides contact management, delivery notification and broadcast capabilities.

Prices start at £79.95 inc. VAT.

Psion Customer Services: 0990-143050