Pushbullet's Portal app makes wireless file transfers from Android to PC a breeze

Don't dig out that USB cable to move files between a PC and a Android phone or tablet. Give Portal a try: It handles large files and folders over Wi-Fi with ease.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

Need a way to move files between an Android phone or tablet and a Windows PC? You could always plug in that USB cable. Or you can try Portal, a new free app from the makers of Pushbullet.

The software only does one thing but does it well: It transfers files, or even whole folders, over a Wi-Fi network between devices.

Pushbullet can do the same (and more) to a degree; you don't need to be on the same wireless network and it brings actionable notifications from your Android phone to your computer.

The big difference here is that Portal is optimized for drag-and-drop file transfers, even those larger than 1 GB in size. And if your phone or tablet is running Android 5.0 or better, you can save PC files on an SD card in your mobile device.

I particularly like how Portal integrates with the file explorer app in Android. It appears like a mounted drive so you can easily see what files or folders you've transferred. They'll also appear in the Recent folder of your Android device.

Portal also works with Google Android's intents system, so you can share files, images and more directly to any other third party app or through email. Any pictures you transfer through Portal will also automatically be added to the Gallery app on your Android phone or tablet.

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