Quantex set for August UK landing

The fourth largest US direct PC seller Quantex will hit the UK shores with a bang in August. The firm promises aggressively-priced PCs with 56kbps modems and USB as standard and optional DVD-ROM drives.

Quantex, rumoured to have a turnover of $1 billion, plans to make a similar impact in the UK where it could boost the share of the overall direct market rather than take share away from Dell, Gateway and Elonex.

The company will kick off its UK presence with 266MHz Pentium II-based PCs, although notebooks and servers are not expected until later this year. All PCs will have Toshiba CD-ROM drives, K56flex modems, and USB as standard, while DVD-ROM options will also be available.

The top of the range will be the QP6/266 WS-4X (£2,359 + VAT) which, as well as the above features, will have 64Mb RAM, 12-speed Toshiba SCSI CD-ROM drive, 4.3Gb SCSI drive, 10/100Base EtherlinkXL PCI card, 17-inch monitor and Windows NT 4.0 and Microsoft Office.

The QP6/266 SM-3X (£1,799 + VAT) will have 32Mb RAM, a 4Gb EIDE hard drive, a 16-speed Toshiba CD-ROM drive, Yamaha synthesiser chip, 17-inch monitor and a software bundle with 13 titles including Corel WordPerfect Suite, Comptons Interactive Encyclopaedia and Quicken. An entry-level machine will be priced at £899 + VAT.

All users will have access to a UK free phone number and access to 24 hour, seven days a week technical support.