Quotes of the Week, February 17-21

"A recognition of the great equity that has been built up in the Pentium name." - Intel's Gail Hall on Pentium II naming.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"The pent-up demand is huge and the companies who can make the drives will make a fortune." - Imation's Lance Quantrill on 120Mb floppy drives.

"[Symantec's] Norton Utilities is like having a set of very powerful tools for your car and if you don't know how to use them, your car will never work again. First Aid 97 is like having a mechanic in your house." - Joe Malin of CyberMedia.

"Comparing a Power Mac against a Pentium is a waste of time. We tend to compare against the Pentium Pro - the Pentium's so far in the weeds." - Apple's James Dingwall.

"In talking to employers, we believe the increase in chip theft has been a result of more domestic users going on the Internet and needing to increase their memory to download entertainment software." - Mike Heylin of Circle Security.

"The key advantage to GSM, particularly in Europe, is its ability to overcome the balkanisation effect of many different national operators. That experience is being extended to weave the whole world into a wireless communication web. Just as the Internet is causing a revolution for the PC industry and the land-line telecoms operators, it offers the potential to revolutionise the wireless business." - Intel's Steven Nachtsheim.

"People will do different things - Compaq's chosen to make a very high specification PC, and it's a Rolls Royce. But other people might take it into the corporate marketplace at a lower price point, a network computer to hang off a network server, or even a sealed box." - Cyrix's Brendan Sherry on the MediaGX processor.

"DVD doesn't have the capacity for full-length video feature authoring if you look at the targeted capacity points. There's going to be some head-to-head competition. The magical 4.7Gb target [aimed at by DVD] won't be enough for MPEG encoding on the fly." - Rusty Rosenberger of Imation on DVD-RAM.

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