Quotes of the Week, May 19-23

"We've seen a very high percentage of consumer sales. We thought it would take off in the third or fourth quarter of this year, but it's ahead of the curve." - Dell's David Moore on Pentium II sales.

"The most important thing is we're setting up a new company entirely focused on Newton. We will have our own direction, which wasn't possible before when we had to make compromises to suit Apple and ride the ups and downs of its fortunes." - Apple's Craig Sears-Black on the Newton spin-off.

"Accepted delays seen on office PCs such as booting up and on-screen egg timers are not acceptable to the mobile user." - Psion's Microsoft Windows CE-bashing manifesto.

"We're trying to reposition the way the market thinks. Until now it's been thought that the browser and server are separate." - Netscape's Sam Sethi bangs the SuiteSpot/Communicator drum.

"Unix workstations are declining as other systems take over. If you compare [NT] with any version of Unix, it's out-shipping Unix platforms by a factor of five. [NT is] more scalable than anything out there. In the case of NT our R&D costs are four times those being made on Solaris." - Gates in typically pugnacious mood.

"Microsoft is referring to just the easiest of the many issues involved in enterprise computing...The Internet is changing the nature of transactions - it will render obsolete today's definition of scalability." - IBM finally gets its aggressive marketing tools out.