Quotes of the Week, November 10-14

"We are fundamentally changing the way we're doing business." - Steve Jobs on Apple's plans to sell direct.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"With our new products and our new [online] store, we're coming to get you, buddy." - Steve Jobs takes aim at Michael Dell.

"Kick some Wintel butt!" - shout from audience at Apple announcement.

"I don't know what to think [about Jobs]. It's a little bit silly." - Dell whispers back.

"Apple had the PR machine in motion, UK representatives in the US, satellite links, the works. We were all expecting something more major like a merger deal with Oracle." - Umax distributor IMC's Neil Wright on the Apple announcement.

"We get no input from Apple even though we are virtually Umax UK and Umax is a major Apple partner. We're fans of Apple kit but not of Apple UK or Europe." - Wright reaches for the stiletto.

"It's not everyday software. The likelihood of an incident [is remote]." - Intel spokeswoman Luanne Darbonne on the latest Pentium hitch.

"All these systems are open to malicious instructions and any virus-type code can include these bombs. You can't patch it in software; you have to spin the silicon." - AMD's Richard Baker on the same affair.

"If you believe in the Wizard of Oz, you'll believe this response." - James F. Rill, former head of the DOJ antitrust division on Microsoft claims that the government investigation into its business will hurt consumers.

"It's that extension of technology that should have been understood by the government. Nothing should have been more logical for an OS maker." - William Neukom, Microsoft VP for law and corporate affairs, on Web-OS integration.

"We will have a single Pentium II brand, but with substantially different implementations, from low-end basic PCs to high-performance workstations and servers.'' - Intel pres and CEO Craig Barrett on plans for 450MHz parts and 'lean' clients.

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