Rankings: Top 20 global cities of 2020, projected

From Citi Private Bank's 2011 Wealth Report: predicting the top 20 global cities of 2020.
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The fourth Knight Frank Global Cities Survey was recently published by Citi Private Bank, designed to monitor "city-level power shifts" by assessing global markets for investment opportunities and influence on business leaders worldwide.

The survey offered a list of the top 25 global cities of 2011, but also offered a number of other rankings -- so many that we had to break them up into separate posts.

Below, the list predicting what would be the "world's leading cities in 10 years' time."

Your Top 20 global cities of 2020, projected:

  1. New York
  2. London
  3. Shanghai
  4. Beijing
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Singapore
  7. Mumbai
  8. Tokyo
  9. Paris
  10. Moscow
  11. Dubai
  12. Sao Paulo
  13. Zurich
  14. Geneva
  15. Washington D.C.
  16. Berlin
  17. Sydney
  18. Los Angeles
  19. Seoul
  20. San Francisco

The rankings comes from data from Citi's Wealth Report Attitudes Survey 2011, using responses from an online survey taken by 160 Citi Private Bank wealth advisers representing almost 5,000 ultra-high net worth individuals (average: $100 million) from 36 countries.

Author Liam Bailey writes:

The most reassuring element to note for New Yorkers and Londoners is that the two top spots don’t look set to change over the next 10 years, although the current chasm between these two cities and the rest is set to close rapidly. With the exception of these two, all else looks set for a total makeover.

Some of the established Asian centres, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, appear at risk of relative weakening compared to China’s rising stars of Beijing and especially Shanghai. The biggest fallers seem set to be Geneva, Zurich, Washington and San Francisco, while Vancouver falls out of our future top 20 entirely.

The three biggest winners point to a rebalancing within the Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) grouping, with the main cities to watch being Mumbai, Moscow and Sao Paulo. They look set for a dramatic upswing in their status, with each expected to climb by between six and eight places over the next decade.

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