Red Hat powers NetAid

NetAid may have been world's biggest Linux event

The largest ever Internet event NetAid was a phenomenal success largely thanks to Linux and the expertise of Red Hat's engineers -- this according to Cisco Systems.

Cisco, one of the main organisers of the rock-tastic Internet event, today disclosed that it owes a considerable debt to Red Hat and its engineers for enabling the largest ever Web serving achievement to take place without a hitch. "The overwhelming success of the NetAid Webcast was aided immeasurably by the stability, security and flexibility of the Red Hat Linux operating system," according to Larry Lang, Cisco's vice president of service provider marketing.

NetAid took place on 9 October and featured live broadcast concerts for London, Geneva and New York aimed at increasing awareness of and helping to relieve world poverty. The 400 servers that served up a staggering 2.38 million live streams at an impressive success rate of 99.69 percent, were all running Red Hat Linux 6.0. The event was, however, criticised for its image as a marketing event for sponsors such as Cisco.

An elite group of Red Hat engineers also fine-tuned and wrote code on the fly for these highly optimised Linux servers. As well as providing streaming audio and video, these Red Hat servers enabled static html, DNS serving, mail and FTP serving for the event.

The NetAid Web site continues to raise money for poverty relief channelled through the UN. Its servers will continue to run on Red Hat Linux.

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