Reminder: Live analysis of Apple's "Come See Our Latest Creation" event

Note: Cover It Live seems dead - coverage here http://blogs.zdnet.

Special Report: Apple Tablet

Note: Cover It Live seems dead - coverage here - Apologies to all for Cover it Live dying ... :(

Just a quick reminder that I'll be hosting a live, up to the minute, analysis of Apple's "Come See Our Latest Creation" event on today (January 27th) at 10.00 AM PST*. I'll be digging away at the hype and Apple-speak to bring you the facts.

Today's coverage will be take a different route how I've handled these things in the past. I'll be using Cover It Live for the first time to bring you a refresh-free experience, and you'll also be able to talk to me directly and submit comments - I'll post up the best ones - so we can have live a discussion as the event unfolds. Yes, you can have YOUR say! I'll be bringing together coverage of the event itself, reactions (both mine and from other pundits), as well as reactions to the new from sources such as Twitter. I think it's going to be a LOT of fun!

Whether you're a diehard Apple fan or not, I think that this could be quite interesting. Today, the weeks of speculation, rumor, wishful thinking and plain made up nonsense comes to an end.

For more details check out this post from yesterday.

* Start times for the event around the world:

  • 07:00AM – Hawaii
  • 10:00AM – Pacific Standard Time
  • 11:00AM – Mountain Standard Time
  • 12:00PM – Central Standard Time
  • 01:00PM – Eastern Standard Time
  • 06:00PM – London (GMT)
  • 07:00PM – Paris
  • 10.30 PM - Mumbai
  • 02:00AM – Tokyo (January 28th)