Report: Fresh Intel chips for Monday

Chip giant may release 850MHz, 866MHz chips on Monday, although supply problems persist
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor on

Intel is to release its 850MHz and 866MHz Pentium III microprocessors on Monday, amid continuing shortages of its other top-end processors, according to a report.

The move would follow the stepped-up launch of 1GHz processors by dominant chip maker Intel and its rival, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), earlier this month. Intel has said it would continue to release chips in the 800MHz and 900MHz ranges. AMD had released its 850MHz Athlon before the appearance of the 1GHz chip, and the 900MHz, 950MHz and 1GHz processors simultaneously two weeks ago.

Intel has seen shortages in its 800MHz chips, and supplies of the 1GHz processor are hard to find, according to manufacturers, although Pentium IIIs running at 750MHz and below have become more plentiful of late. The supply problems extend back to October, when Intel released the "Coppermine" family of Pentium IIIs before supplies had reached normal levels.

AMD has kept up the heat on Intel, and both companies have repeatedly speeded up their schedules for new chip releases over the past few months, also attempting to undercut each other on price. AMD has also suffered some supply problems, although none as serious as Intel's.

Intel and analysts have predicted the supply issues would be resolved by the end of the quarter, or in about two weeks' time.

Intel could not be immediately reached for comment.

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