Report: Microsoft working on appeals strategy

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft Corp. is working on an appeals strategy and still hasn't ruled out a settlement with the government in its ongoing antitrust trial.
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

According to the paper, Microsoft lawyers say they still believe Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson will conclude the law is on the software giant's side. The report says Microsoft has asked Richard Urowsky, the Sullivan & Cromwell lawyer who won a crucial appellate round on their behalf last June, to begin building a "possible appeal".

Greg Shaw, Microsoft's spokesman on the DoJ trial confirmed in the article that Microsoft has always been "open to a settlement".

But David Boies, the government's lead trial counsel, is quoted in the article saying: "Microsoft will have a hard time arguing past the facts brought out at trial these past five months. We've made our case from their own documents and the admissions of their own witnesses."

The article adds that even if a settlement is reached with the DoJ, if it didn't also satisfy each of the 19 states involved, it wouldn't end the trial.

Microsoft's UK press office has been contacted for a response to the piece.

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