Repost.Us: A new way to syndicate content

Content is king but getting permission to republish content is not easy. Here's a startup with a solution for syndication...
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

Repost.Us launched today providing an easy way for companies to syndicate content and be paid according to use.

Publishers can register their content and how much they charge for syndication, other publishers can then automatically negotiate and complete the legal documents that would allow them to republish articles.

Payment is based on the number of views of an article.

John Pettitt, co-founder of Repost.Us said:"The publishers we have spoken with so far, are very enthusiastic because we offer them additional revenues."

The Repost.Us system handles the syndication request and payment. Once the pre-agreed number of article views takes place graphic takes the place of the article and can be renewed. Payment can also be made through an agreement to carry advertising with an article.

"Our system automatically resizes the advertising to fit into a web page. We will also copy the look and feel of the web page," said Mr Pettitt.

It can take a long time and several processes in order to gain permission to reprint an article from a major newspaper but the Repost.Us system automatically handles the licensing, which speeds up the entire process.

Publishers can also serve their own ads with the syndicated content.

A key feature of Repost.Us is that the body of the syndicated article is loaded into the web browser directly from the original source. This means any corrections in the source text are immediately copied in all syndicated versions. This also means that the original publisher receives all of the Google "juice" related to the article instead of the sites that republish the content.

The first publishers syndicating their content are:

  • Worldcrunch.com – a site that selects and translates into English exclusive global journalism from such prestigious publications as Die Welt, Le Monde and La Stampa. Worldcrunch is participating to increase readership and site traffic through syndication.
  • EDGE Media Network – the largest network for local Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) news and information in the world, serving over 1 million dedicated readers online and on their mobile platforms.
  • Spot.Us – a community powered journalism site that supports independent reporters across the country.
  • Fansided.com – the network of 170 plus sports blogs for die-hard fans.
Repost.Us is part of Free Range Content, whose CEO is John Pettitt, founder of Cybersource and the original Beyond.com. For more information visit, www.freerangecontent.com.

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