Review of the Week, April 1-4

UK network heads returning from their Easter break on Tuesday were confronted by yet another huge coming together. This time between Ascend and Cascade, the sort of companies that are much bigger than you'd realised.

The same day, UK browser heads were disappointed to see another ship date slip on the part of Microsoft for IE 4.0. Today, the word from Winnersh is that early next week marks the spot. Just don't quote us.

More merger mayhem on Wednesday with Cupids firing arrows at CompuServe and AOL. Ill-starred?

On Thursday, the question of Who put the RAM prices up? was once again being aired. Also, modem legend Dennis Hayes was in town and looking forward to a brave new world that has ADSL and cable in't.

Today, relief for the Hate Bill folks - Gates to quit! The only catch is it's not until he's old and grey.