Rhapsody unloads tablet app, pushes original editorial content

Rhapsody extends new support to its Android tablet-toting customers as well as a more original editorial content as it tries to stand out from a heavily crowded field of competitors.

Rhapsody is extending its presence to Android tablets with a brand new app.

One of the ways that Rhapsody continually tries to make its brand stand apart from the burgeoning market of digital music streaming services is original editorial content.

Although Rhapsody has been offering editorial features since launching in 2001, the push to promote these features has arguably been stepped up in the last year -- most notably with a significant site revamp last fall.

Chief product officer Brendan Benzing explained in prepared remarks that the new version of Rhapsody isn't just about resizing an app but was built to work on a device that consumers look at differently, describing the tablet as a "companion on the couch, in transit and out in the world."

Thus, the tablet version is much more graphic-heavy with interactive and playable links as well as "franchises designed to guide members through the service."

By comparison, competitors such as Grooveshark have taken other options, such as building apps in HTML5, to not only provide optimized access on virtually any mobile browser but also to avoid strict app store rules.

Pandora already provides customized support for the iPad and Android tablets, while Spotify is currently expanding on smartphones although an iPad app is reportedly on the way.

Rhapsody also recently made headlines when the digital music brand announced a hefty expansion across Europe after purchasing Napster International in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Rhapsody for Android tablets (and smartphones) is available in the Android Market and Amazon Appstore now for free.