Ring2 conferencing to work on Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile handsets will be able to use the mobile-conferencing application that until now has been available only for BlackBerry devices

Ring2, a London company that makes mobile-conferencing software, has announced the availability of its client for Windows Mobile handsets.

Previously available only for BlackBerry devices, the Ring2 application lets users patch into conferences using a mobile handset as a remote control, with the ability to see a real-time list of participants; add, remove and mute participants; and record and download conversations.

"This service enhancement is a result of the strong market adoption of our remote control for BlackBerry smartphones," said the company's vice president of product management, Alex Breen. "The mobile remote control we offer is unique in the industry and gets straight to the heart of everyday problems that frustrate frequent conference callers."

The service bears a per-minute-per-caller charge as well as an initial setup fee. A Symbian Series 60 version of Ring2's controller was promised for release this year, but it has so far not materialised.