Roundup: E-Britain on crumbling foundations

Consumer confidence in online transactions has been decimated by a constant series of security breaches over the last half year
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor on
Are you still willing to put your credit card details online? E-Britain's reputation is being gradually eroded by a long list of security cock-ups. SIX MONTHS OF SECURITY CRISES:
ZDNet's straw poll -- online security fears
Fri, 21 Jul After a shocking series of security breaches, the government will be quizzed in the House of Commons on the state of security on the Net. What do you think? Vote in ZDNet's straw poll Half UK's e-commerce revenue lost to fear
Thu, 20 Jul Would you put your credit card details online? Concerns over security are costing billions as online muggings continue Laws protecting consumers online need revision
Thu, 20 Jul In the wake of Powergen's security scare, experts argue not enough is being done to protect consumers who spend online Powergen coughs up £50 and an apology
Wed, 19 Jul Powergen acts to quell complaints Powergen's lax security condemned
Wed, 19 Jul More than 7,000 Powergen customers advised to cancel their credit cards following one of the biggest online security breaches in the UK so far Hotmail compromises users' data... again
Fri, 14 Jul Use Hotmail? Microsoft is giving your details away but will not shoulder the blame... Identity fraud:The scourge of cyber business
Fri, 16 Jun New US white paper warns consumers and businesses about the danger of identity theft on the Internet MS again slammed on security
Wed, 17 May The power behind the oft-unused and much maligned paper clip assistant can help others break into Windows computers New flaw discovered in MS Hotmail
Wed, 10 May A bug watcher has discovered a flaw in Hotmail that could allow a hacker to tap into a user's account and read his or her email BT apologises for BTopenworld security breach
Fri, 28 Apr BTopenworld launch fiasco enrages ADSL applicants as their full personal details are exposed online 3 in 5 British firms suffer security breach -- report
Fri, 3 Apr Report suggests British business is far from being ready to go online Security breaches up, according to survey
Wed, 27 Mar Study finds a number of attacks go unrecognised How the cyber vandals zapped Yahoo!
Tue, 8 Feb The type of attack that took down Yahoo! has worried security experts for months. What's more, it's not that difficult to pull off UK hackers demand ransom from Visa
Mon, 17 Jan Visa is the latest organisation to be hit by a hacker and he wants a reported £10m ransom fee Egg gives customers another security fright
Thu, 13 Jan Online bank posts dummy page making it appear customers have wandered into someone else's account Virgin.net calls police over security breach
Tue, 11 Jan Branson's team call in the police to deal with 'potential security issue' Take me to the e-commerce special. Take me to Hackers Has your confidence in e-Commerce been shaken? What do you think? Tell the Mailroom. And read what others have said.
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