RSA Security targets device at SMBs

Security vendor takes the pain out of providing office workers with secure access to company networks.

RSA Security has announced a two-factor authentication product which does away with the need for computer users to remember multiple passwords.

Targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, the RSA SecurID ensures only authorized users can access the network by making use of something a user knows--a personal identification number, for example--and something the user possesses, such as an RSA SecurID token which generates a unique, one-time passcode every 60 seconds.

According to the company in a statement, the RSA SecurID appliance comes bundled with RSA SecurIDR tokens and RSAR Authentication Manager 6.0 software, and can be installed in just 15 minutes.

RSA SecurID appliance is available in Singapore and Australia, and is priced for 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 250 users. Pricing starts from US$4,600.