Rumor of another HTC tablet appears, will it get announced at IFA?

HTC made a solid tablet with the Flyer, but it and the Jetstream haven't done very well in the market. Photos appeared yesterday showing a possible HTC tablet.

Back at MWC in February 2011 HTC announced the HTC Flyer tablet and shortly after I bought one. I still use it quite a bit, but am not convinced that HTC should be in the Android tablet market. We now see rumors of a new tablet with a rather unique wide bezel.

I don't think the HTC Flyer did that well and then the HTC Jetstream was a complete failure. HTC makes high end products and with Android tablets like the Nexus 7 coming in at $200 I don't think HTC can really compete unless it seriously cuts costs. As has been said often here on ZDNet, there really is not much of a large tablet market, there is just an iPad market. At a time when HTC needs to be focused, it seems that this is a bit of distraction if it is true. They may have some special feature and if the pen input is as good as it is on the HTC Flyer then maybe they can try to grab the stylus crowd that doesn't seem to be too happy with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

IFA is taking place in Berlin this week so it is possible that HTC will announce this tablet in the next day or two. Do you think HTC can compete in the Android tablet space?

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