Salesforce buys machine learning startup PredictionIO

PredictionIO's technology will be rolled into SalesforceIQ, but could come in handle for the Internet of things cloud too.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Salesforce has acquired machine learning PredictionIO.

PredictionIO, a small startup that provides its technology open source, said it will be used to bolster SalesforceIQ's machine learning. PredictionIO is a machine learning server.

Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but Salesforce has been rounding out its artificial and machine learning technology.

Data scientists generally use PredictionIO to evaluate models, create components and sample information.

Here's a look at a PredictionIO engine:


While PredictionIO will be plugged into SalesforceIQ, the machine learning server expertise intersects with a bevy of tools used in Salesforce's IoT cloud.

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