Salesforce rolls out new tools for retailers

The SaaS giant is bringing more integrations and features to retailers, helping them gain insights about their own customers and provide a better shopping experience.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer on

Salesforce on Thursday introduced a series of new tools for retailers, designed to help them change with the quickly-evolving e-commerce landscape. The new tools include data connectors to help brands gain insights about customers, even as browsers phase out cookies. They also include tools to facilitate commerce both online and in stores.  

First, Salesforce is offering new Datorama and Tableau Connectors to help companies connect and visualize their commerce and marketing data. By connecting and analyzing this data, they can offer more personalized experiences for customers. These tools should help as browsers continue to limit or completely block the use of third-party cookies, meaning that online advertisers and analytics firms cannot use browser cookie files to track users as they visit different sites.

Meanwhile, to help make the online checkout experience better, brands using Salesforce Payments can now add PayPal as a checkout option. 

Salesforce is also introducing Salesforce Commerce for B2B Wholesale Retail -- a new digital portal for wholesale apparel and fashion companies. It supports preseason ordering, in-season re-supply and automated interactions across self-service and sales teams.

Lastly, Salesforce Social Commerce for China with Alibaba is now generally available. The platform, first announced in September, supports e-commerce across China-specific channels, including social networks and .CN websites.

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