Samsung Business launched to tap into IoT, enterprise market

The company's new, dedicated brand will bring together Internet of Things devices and enterprise users.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Samsung has launched Samsung Business, an umbrella brand which will further the development of an enterprise-based Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

On Monday, the South Korean electronics giant announced the creation of Samsung Business, a dedicated brand which unifies the firm's end-to-end business portfolio.

In a keynote at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics Won-Pyo Hong said the new brand will bring together services including Samsung's KNOX security platform and Samsung SMART Signage solutions, as part of the company's plans to delve further into the corporate market and offer enterprise-ready technological solutions to clients.

Samsung Business has launched with six "experimental" zones, ranging across the retail, education hospitality, healthcare, finance and transportation sectors. Samsung is debuting a number of solution at CeBIT 2015, including:

  • Retail: A digital mirror with Samsung Smart Signage that can be configured into VideoWalls, giving customers a "clear view" on clothes they are trying on.
  • Education: Interactive learning tools, a cloud printing service and Wordbook Composer for Education Vertical, editing software which allows scanned documents to be converted into text directly from a printer.
  • Hospitality: Samsung's SMART Hotel Solution, a premium room management service including features such as room lighting adjustment, smart TVs and mobile connections.
  • Healthcare: Vidyo, a medical teleconferencing solution.
  • Financial services: Samsung Business Core Printing Solutions, secure document handling and printing.
  • Transport: 24/7 Professional Grade Signage, such as real-time flight information displays.

Hong commented:

"As more and more businesses adopt the Internet of Things, we have a great opportunity to enhance customer value with increased productivity and profit. Significant advancements can be made in the business process through the application of IoT in inventory management, energy efficiency and more. However, we first have to overcome the challenges of platform compatibility, data analysis and security in order to accelerate IoT adoption."

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