Dell, FireHost partner in secure private cloud services push

Dell and FireHost are teaming up to improve the security of private cloud environments.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
Dell and FireHost have announced plans to partner in order to boost the security of private cloud services.

Announced on Wednesday, Dell and the US-based secure cloud services firm say that the collaboration will result in the delivery of secure, fully managed private cloud services with a direct focus on companies becoming compliant with today's security standards.

Specifically, FireHost and Dell Services will focus on security and compliance-driven corporate requirement which is becoming crucial as the risk of cyberattacks increases.

While FireHost focuses on secure cloud environment development, Dell's Cloud ecosystem offers both on and off-site cloud services which could assist payments-oriented retail and financial organizations move to the cloud in a secure fashion.

FireHost is specifically joining the Dell Cloud Onsite Service, which provides service-level agreement (SLA)s which are customizable based on whether clients require Microsoft's Windows or Linux-compatible infrastructures as well as data center services for offloading IT administration tasks.

Jim Lewandowski, CEO of FireHost commented:

"As increasing numbers of cloud providers and vendors jockey to differentiate themselves, it is clear that we must provide cloud solutions that are truly secure across a variety of compliance-driven industries.

Together with Dell, we will provide a secure managed private cloud service that effectively addresses a critical industry gap for customers. FireHost's proven secure cloud reduces risk for businesses by providing security without any compromise from our team in focus, commitment, or diligence. Customers get top-notch security and lower compliance costs."

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