Samsung claims to have cracked 4G

The company will demo the technology at the Samsung 4G Forum, where it is promising speeds of 100Mbps wirelessly
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Samsung is claiming to have cracked 4G, while most of the mobile industry couldn't tell you what it is yet.

The electronics giant says it will demo 4G at the Samsung 4G Forum in Jeju Island in South Korea. Using a specially adapted bus, the company is promising speeds of 100Mbps wirelessly. It also says it will demonstrate a handover between cells at up to 60kmph.

Fixed speeds for technology will be even greater, getting up to 1Gbps — 50 times faster than current next-gen hype-generator, mobile WiMax. Samsung will showcase the bandwidth-bloated technology by using it to download 32 high-definition broadcast TV channels, as well as Internet access and video telephony simultaneously.

No one at Samsung was available to comment on which standards will be used for the super-charged connectivity, although the company has in the past referred to Sprint Nextel's WiMax network as 4G. However, according to the ITU, the definition of 4G involves attaining speeds of 1Gbps when stationary and 100Mbps on the move.

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile operator, is planning to launch a commercial 4G network in 2010 and has already piloted VSF-OFCDM and VSF-CDMA technologies. It has also boasted hitting 1Gbps download in 2004, using SF-Spread OFDM and Mimo (multiple input multiple output) technologies.

Samsung expects 4G to get its official launch in 2010.

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