​Samsung reboots Note 7 ads, expects exchange at 80 percent

Samsung will play new Galaxy Note 7 ads from Saturday in time for sales of the new batch of handsets. It also expects 80 percent of faulty models in Korea to be exchanged by then.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer on

Samsung will show off new ads for the Galaxy Note 7 in time for the resumption of sales of the handset in South Korea on Saturday

The South Korean tech giant also expects the rate of exchanged handsets for faulty models to hit 80 percent by the same date.

As of Wednesday, Europe saw 57 percent of phones exchanged, while for the US and South Korea it was over 60 percent, the company announced earlier.

Samsung resumed TV ads on September 28, when sales resumed for pre-orders. Starting Saturday, the company will play newly made ads.

The company also unveiled poster ads showing the handset with the tag, "The Galaxy Note 7 is reborn".

Samsung sold 400,000 Note 7 units in its home country, and 1 million in the US before the recall due to exploding batteries.

The new batches have green battery indicators instead of white. Samsung said it also made the icon on the 'Always on Display' screen 30 percent wider for visibility.

Despite the overall progress in the exchange program, fresh reports continue to emerge of the handset catching fire, though their veracity is unverified.

In China, a total of five reports of battery explosions have surfaced as of Tuesday.

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