Samsung ships 'quiet' 32x CD-ROM in UK

Samsung Electronics UK claims it has reduced the noise and vibration levels of high-speed CD-ROM's with its newly launched 32x unit.

The SCR-3230, which is shipping this month, features an auto balancer that cuts imbalance within the drive. The mechanism, which was developed by Samsung, is also supposed to improve playback and reduce sensitivity to external shock.

"In the continual search for faster data transfer rates and the capacity to handle large volumes of data, Samsung has tackled the associated issues of noise and vibration", says Mark Pini, product manager for Computer Peripherals at Samsung Electronics UK. "These are important areas of concern for end-users, particularly corporate customers."

The SCR-3230 achieves a maximum rotational speed of 6700rpm allowing data transfer rates of 4800kB/sec and access time of 80Ms. The unit features a 512K Buffer Memory enabling fast access to large volumes of multimedia data and a vertical holder which allows it to be mounted in any orientation.

Pricing has yet to be set.

Contact Samsung Electronics UK: 0800 521652