​Samsung successfully trials video streaming on PS-LTE

The South Korean electronics giant used Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT) technology to successfully trial seamless video streaming on a PS-LTE network.

Samsung Electronics has successfully trialed seamless live video streaming on a PS-LTE network, the company said.

The South Korean tech giant used Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT) technology -- becoming the first to trial the international standard -- to stream the videos, it said.

Samsung's trial involved seamless video calls between the control centre and the handset, streaming high-resolution video and low latency. It will be used for when hundreds of emergency workers cause data overload at the scene.

Samsung was named the network vendor to build the PS-LTE, or public safety LTE, network in South Korea in February 2016.

The network is catered for use by emergency personnel and control centres.

MCPTT is an international standard set by 3GPP, which defined PS LTE in 2016, and is a core technology to deploy the network. It supports group calls between emergency personnel.

Samsung said it will apply the technology to LTE-R, or LTE Railroad, projects that it is involved in. The company is providing networks for railroads connecting Wonju and Gangneung.