SAP goes little and large

Company boasts its "superior product"...
Written by Kate Hanaghan, Contributor on

Company boasts its "superior product"...

Following fourth quarter results showing an impressive 17 per cent growth in its end of year sales, SAP has decided to target European SME customers this year.

However, the enterprise software maker denied it was too big a company to deal with customers of this size.

Léo Apotheker, president for SAP EMEA, went on to say that the company will make SAP products "smoother and simpler to use for SMEs".

The plan is to target very specific vertical sectors with very specific software, for example, small businesses in the agricultural sector.

Apotheker said: "We have out-performed all of our competitors in all the regions of Europe. There is no such thing as a customer that you own. Everyone has a choice and people stay with us because we have a superior product."

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