Satisfy your yearn to burn (CDs, that is) with these apps

There's a lot more to burning CDs than using your built-in software. With so many other apps available, you have tons of ways to make CDs. Preston brings you three of his favorite programs.
Written by Preston Gralla, Contributor
For everyone with a CD-R or CD-RW drive, here are more great programs from ZDNet Downloads to help you burn, baby, burn.

Sure Thing CD Labeler is a way-cool tool for making your own professional-looking labels for your CDs and jewel cases. If offers hundreds of great-looking backgrounds and easy-to-use templates, and it will grab playlist information for jewel case inserts. (Shareware/Win95-98-NT)

Burn to the Brim solves a nagging problem when you're filling a CD with MP3 files or data--how to squeeze the most data onto the disk and make sure that everything fits. Just tell the program what you want to put onto the CD, and it'll find the optimal way to copy everything. As a bonus, it's free. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

AudioCD MP3 Studio 2000 is a great tool for burning audio CDs from WAV or MP3 files, and for ripping music from CDs into those formats as well. When you rip music from CDs, you have the option of storing it in a compressed format to save space on your hard disk. (Shareware/Win95-98-NT)

So if you have a CD burner, get these three downloads--it'll help you get the most out of your favorite piece of hardware.

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