Save 30% on all Nomad Goods accessories with Black Friday sale

From iPhone cases to Apple Watch bands to charging cables, it's all discounted.


Image: Nomad

Nomad Goods makes all kinds of accessories for different phones, computers and smartwatches. Most of the company's gear carries a premium price, but right now, you can save 30% off anything and everything on the site during its Black Friday sale. The sale runs through Nov. 29. Some items are already back-ordered or sold out, so don't wait too much longer to check the sale. 

You don't need a promotional code or anything at checkout -- Nomad Goods has already applied the discount on everything from the  AirTag Leather Loop to a  Horween Leather Card Wallet

Even though Nomad Goods primarily has accessories for Apple products, the company does have some  Pixel phone cases and  wireless charging pads . I reviewed the Base Station Pro, a wireless charging pad that can handle three devices at the same time across the full surface of the pad. In other words, it doesn't matter where you place your devices -- the pad identifies your device and starts charging it. It's normally $199, but the 30% off takes it down to $139 . Not a bad deal.


The Nomad Base Station Pro.


I'm also a big fan of  Nomad's Kevlar and Sport cables . I've been using one of the  3-meter USB-C Kevlar cables for over a year now, and it hasn't shown any signs of wear and tear. 

Nomad Goods also has an  Outlet section of its website where older accessories and products are receiving bigger discounts at up to 80% off.