'Securipedia' wiki launched

A wiki has been launched by UK IT industry body Intellect, with the aim of increasing knowledge transfer in the security community

A wiki aimed at the UK IT security community has been launched by industry association Intellect.

Dubbed 'Securipedia', the wiki was launched on Monday. It aims to increase security-knowledge transfer between government, companies, academics and the voluntary sector. The initiative is similar to US security-community wikis such as ITtoolbox.

"Organisations and individuals can use Securipedia to pool information on policy, research or projects," said Intellect programme manager Joel Grundy in a statement. "For the security and resilience community, there's a sea of information, with isolated islands of expertise and understanding. Securipedia starts to map some of those islands and help the community generate a shared view of this very complex space."

Government reports, policies and initiatives will be included in the wiki, as will thinktank research, technology developments, volunteer-organisation initiatives and local government agency projects.