Send desktop documents as email from a Palm

AvantGo expands to wireless with help of My Doc Online

A wireless messaging channel on AvantGo, launched Friday, allows users to send desktop files as email attachments from a Palm organiser -- a first for the popular handheld platform.

The company has teamed up with Internet storage space provider My Doc Online to give Palm users access to and control over a mirror image of their desktop.

To use the service Palm owners make a mirror image of desktop files from their PC and save them to My Doc Online virtual drive. Users can gain access to these files through AvantGo's wireless channel, allowing them to select and send files as email attachments. Files stored on the virtual drive can also be viewed on a Palm.

"Wireless is a major part of our strategy to deliver the content and applications users want," explains Ann Culver, AvantGo director of partner marketing. "The [new partnership] delivers a unique messaging channel for our users."

Users can store up to 20MB on the virtual drive for free, or pay to go up incrementally to 300MB storage space. Files have be converted to html or text files to be sent as email attachments.

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