SGI UV 2 unveiled as world's largest shared memory system

SGI boasts that the UV 2 could ingest the entire U.S. Library of Congress in less than three seconds.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor on

SGI has introduced what it is boasting as the world's largest shared memory system: the SGI UV 2.

Touted as a "a complete solution for no-limit computing," the SGI UV2 essentially doubles the number of cores (up to 4,096) and quadruples the amount of coherent main memory (up to 64TB) from the previous generation system.

Running on Intel Xeon E5 processors, the SGI UV2 boasts a peak I/O rate of 4TB per second. At that rate, SGI says that the system could absorb the entire U.S. Library of Congress (approximately 10TB of data) in less than three seconds.

But on a more everyday computing level, the SGI UV 2 is being pegged as a workstation that is easier for IT departments to manage and capable of running everything from desktop applications to common scale-out applications.

SGI is also targeting science industry customers with this machine, particularly those working in genomics and bioscience, chemistry and materials, physics, integrative systems science, national security, product design, and other data-intensive fields.

The SGI UV2 is available today, with pricing starting at $30,000.

Image via SGI


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