Sick of spam? Here's how to kill it before it gets to you

Spam: Everybody gets it, but nobody wants it. And it always seems to find its way into your in-box. What can you do about it? Try out Preston's three free spam-busting apps and take control.

Are you as sick of spam as I am? Yes, "Debby," I know that you have some revealing pictures of you and your younger sister in compromising positions that you'd like me to see. And to all you "entrepreneurs" trying to help me earn a million dollars in my spare time: thanks, but no thanks. Oh, and if I want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge, I have a cousin on the lam in Italy who would be more than happy to sell it to me.

Stop the insanity! If you're as sick of junk e-mail as I am, you want some help getting rid of it. So you should turn, like I did, to ZDNet Asia Downloads for software to help you can the spam. Try these three spam killers--you won't go wrong. And as a bonus, they're all free.

EmC (Email Control) is a tool that checks for junk mail on your ISP's server and kills it before it ever reaches you. It comes with a set of spam filters, and you can add your own as well. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

Spam Buster is a comprehensive spam-killing system. It comes with an address list of 15,000 known spammers and lets you add addresses and rules of your own. You can preview your mail before killing spam, launch your e-mail program automatically, check up to 12 different e-mail boxes for spam, and much more. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

PC Magazine's MailCall 2 isn't a pure spam-killer--you'll have to create your own spam filters if you want to use it to help eliminate spam. But it contains all kinds of other goodies, including letting you play customized .WAV files depending on the kind of mail you're receiving, and showing only the headers of messages. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

So don't just complain about spam--do something about it with these spam killers.