Sisense merges with Periscope Data

Self-service BI firm Sisense and SQL/R/Python analytics provider Periscope Data become one, under Sisense's brand and leadership.
Written by Andrew Brust, Contributor

Consolidation in the analytics world continues this week, as New York-based Sisense, a member of the newer team of self-service BI providers, is announcing its merger with San Francisco-based Periscope Data.

Periscope Data was initially known for its SQL-based interface to data visualization and later for the addition of R and Python to its platform. Sisense, in addition to offering an end-to-end BI platform also utilized CPU-based cache memory and vector processing (at one time, collectively called "in-chip analytics" by the company) for optimized performance.

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Periscope's cloud-native data pipelines, integration, SQL, R, and Python facilities, as well as it integration with cloud machine learning systems, will be part of the unified Sisense platform.

According to the companies' press release, Periscope will join Sisense to create a combined company with over 700 employees, 2000 customers and more than $100M in annual recurring revenue. According to the release, "the combined business will operate under the Sisense brand and CEO [Amir Orad]" and "Periscope Data founders Harry Glaser and Tom O'Neill are taking leadership roles..."

Add this deal to the list of transactions like the Cloudera-Hortonworks merger, Qlik's acquisition of Podium Data (now Qlik Data Catalyst) and Alteryx's acquisition of ClearStory Data. More such consolidation is likely, and likely healthy, for the industry.

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