Six types of UK shopper online - report

Shop online? Are you a Realistic Enthusiast or a Carefree Spender?

A report from British Market Research Bureau (BMRB), published Monday, has identified six unique types of UK Internet shoppers.

The survey found that 1.9m UK Web users have bought something online in the last six months. One fifth of all Internet users in the UK felt comfortable about shopping online, 75 percent of whom were home users. BMRM broke down these users into six different groups based on behaviour and attitudes to branding, product sourcing, delivery, quality of service, and convenience.

The longer an individual has been online the more likely they are to be in the first two categories, the survey says. "This is a transitional process," said Paul Milsom, associate director media BMRM. "After a year or two online people's confidence grows and they start to look at the Web as an alternative source of products such as cars, and things that they haven't seen in the shops."

The 'Realistic Enthusiastic' user -- identified as the most prolific UK shopper -- believes "convenience" is the most important aspect of shopping online.

Shop online? Recognise yourself?

  • The Realistic Enthusiast represented 15 percent of the market. He is prepared to spend over £500 a month online, will buy from an unknown company, and believes that convenience is more important than price when shopping online.

  • The Confident Brand Shopper represents 16 percent of the market, spends £275 a month online and restricts his shopping mainly to established brands.

  • Carefree Spenders represent 15 percent of the market and will buy from unknown companies without seeing the product beforehand. They have spent 55 percent more than the average shopper in the last six months.

  • Cautious Shoppers, which represent 20 percent to the UK market, always prefer to view goods before purchase and will hardly ever buy at an online auction.

  • The Bargain Hunter, 16 percent of UK online shoppers, won't spend over £50 per purchase, don't care what site they buy from and are motivated purely by price.

  • The Unfulfilled Shopper, represent 17 percent of the market and thinks online shopping is a waste of time, finding it difficult and time consuming.

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