Skype CEO: Wi-Fi will be a big part of our strategy

Taiwan-based DigiTimes has posted an interview (reg. rqd.

Taiwan-based DigiTimes has posted an interview (reg. rqd.) with Skype CEO Niklas Zennstrom.

And from reading the English-language translation of the piece (originally posted in Chinese), it would appear that Skype is casting a big part of their lot with Wi-Fi.

"As P2P VoIP services are our main business; the development of WiFI phones with built-in Skype capabilities will be the focus of our efforts," Zennstrom tells the pubication. "We will develop embedded Skype-enabled software for WiFi phones. We also plan to introduce wired Skype-enabled phones and set-top boxes."

Zeenstrom goes on to say that "cooperation with wireless ISPs" will play a big part in Skype's strategy going forward. He says this cooperation "will provide our clients with mobility and accessibility for global communications. This will continue to be one of our key strategies for future development."