Skype with video calling comes to Android 2.2 devices

Skype with video calling support finally comes to the Android 2.2 lineup and Verizon's advertising is finally valid for the ThunderBolt and Droid Charge.

Skype has been busy this week, as I just mentioned a couple of days ago they released an iPad version with video calling support. Today we have Skype 2.1 for Android with video calling support for 17 more Android devices, including the HTC Flyer and Samsung Droid Charge that I own. There is one MAJOR limitation on most of these Android devices though and that is you are limited to the back camera only unless you have Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) on your device!

One of the major things Verizon advertised when the HTC ThunderBolt was released was Skype video calling and it never came, until now. I made a Skype video call on my ThunderBolt a few months ago using a beta client that snuck out, but am pleased to see this new official version finally hit the streets and have it on both of my Android devices now.

Skype rolled out an Android client with video calling support a month ago for a select few devices (Nexus S, HTC Desire S, Xperia Pro) and with this release we see most all new and recent Android devices covered by this software update. Skype states that if your device is not listed, this version should still work as long as you have Android 2.2 or higher. Just go to "Skype settings" after launching the app and select "enable video calling".

Thankfully I am under the grandfathered unlimited data plan with my Droid Charge so I can use this via LTE to my heart's desire. I am tired of apps and services that only a few are a part of, like Qik Video and Fring, and am pleased to see Skype supporting so many platforms as I can now contact more people across mobile devices and computers.


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