Slacker Radio announces Roku and Xbox 360 support

Slacker Radio is one of the best streaming music services and recently announced support for Roku devices and the Xbox 360. It is one of the best multi-platform solutions with an excellent music selection.
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There are several streaming subscription music services and I have been trying several of them out for the past year. I recently bounced primarily between subscriptions with Rdio, Spotify, and Slacker Radio, in addition to my Zune Pass and after some recent news have finally settled on one primary service. Slacker Radio announced availability on Roku last week and this week at E3 announced they are coming soon to the Xbox 360. Since I own both of these devices, Slacker Radio is now available on just about every device I own so is the natural choice for ME.

I listen to and enjoy music from several genres so I like that Slacker Radio gives me an easy way to select or setup a channel and just enjoy whatever comes out of that channel. You can also download music for offline listening, such as when you are on an airplane. My primary wireless carrier, T-Mobile, includes Slacker Radio on most of their devices so it is easy to use for new phone owners. All of these streaming music services are priced at $10/month for mobile use so it comes down to a few subtle differences and what devices you want to use the service on.

With the Xbox 360 announcement, press release copied below, Slacker Radio will soon be available on the Xbox 360, Roku, SONOS, Windows 8, Ford vehicles with SYNC, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, webOS, and Symbian. The only platform I haven't seen a client for is MeeGo. You can also listen to Slacker Radio via a web browser on your PC or Mac.

Slacker Xbox 360 press release

SAN DIEGO: June 4, 2012: Slacker, Inc. announced at E3 today that its personal radio service will be coming later this year to the Xbox 360® console in the United States and Canada. The free Slacker Radio application will be available as an app in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Slacker Radio will give Xbox LIVE® Gold subscribers the ultimate music and content discovery at their fingertips. The Slacker Radio lineup includes a fully customizable selection of over 200 music stations curated and hosted by expert programmers, ESPN Radio and ABC News, comedy, artist-hosted showcases and official stations for leading music festivals including Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits. Every station can be fully personalized, ensuring a unique and relevant experience for each listener

"Xbox 360 brings games and entertainment to our customers and Slacker Radio brings a massive selection of radio stations programmed by expert DJs," said Kathy Styponias, general manager of Media & Entertainment Group, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft Corp. "By accessing Slacker Radio on Xbox with the power of Kinect and the intelligence of Bing voice search, we’re making music and entertainment more personal, social and effortless."

Slacker Radio for Xbox 360 features a wide range of fully customizable music and non-music content. This includes branded news, sports and comedy, making it the most varied and compelling range of personalized content offered by any radio service while also featuring a music catalog that is 10 times larger than Pandora.

"Slacker Radio and Xbox 360, with voice and gesture controls via Kinect, change interactive radio as we know it," said Jonathan Sasse, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Slacker. The Xbox 360 console brings your favorite music and radio content from expert DJ’s to your living room, you can get Slacker Radio virtually anywhere from your automobile, web, home or mobile device, Slacker is everywhere you listen to radio.

In addition to Xbox 360, Slacker Radio is also currently available for listening on the web, on all major smartphones including Windows Phone® 7, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, the iPad, connected home devices, Ford vehicles with SYNC® powered by Microsoft and the recently announced Windows® 8 Slacker app.

Does this cross platform functionality in Slacker Radio interest you? What mobile streaming music service do you prefer?

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