Small firm minister looking for likely ladies

Women wanted to drive start-up boom...
Written by Jo Best, Contributor on

Women wanted to drive start-up boom...

The government has today launched a strategy to help boost the amount of start-ups in Britain - and is calling for women to take the lead. The strategy will feature local enterprise shows to encourage start-ups, consultation on a National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship and the creation of a guide to give people the information they need before they start a business. The Comprehensive Strategy for Start-Ups scheme was launched by Nigel Griffiths, the small firm minister, who hopes to see to see the numbers of women setting up their own business match those seen in the US, which would mean another 100,000 businesses created in the UK each year. Speaking at the Business Plan Awards 2003, Griffiths said: "I want to encourage more women to start up in business by ensuring that everyone with the ambition to start or grow a business is helped and supported…Our Strategic Framework for Women's Enterprise and start-ups strategy are key to helping more women into entrepreneurship. And our Comprehensive Strategy for Start-Ups that I'm launching today will provide further impetus."
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