SmartPlanet reader poll: what kind of newsletter do you like?

How do you want your SmartPlanet news? We'd like to know.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Dear SmartPlanet readers,

When we relaunched SmartPlanet in June of 2009, we did so with a weekly newsletter that came out every Tuesday morning.

As we've grown in size -- you'll notice lots of new faces on our many blogs -- we've increased our output considerably. So this June, we switched our weekly newsletter to a daily format, to accommodate all the smart stuff we publish each day.

But not everyone likes to receive an e-mail newsletter in their inbox every day of the week.

So we're asking you, readers: would you like a SmartPlanet weekly edition to be added alongside our daily edition?

(While the daily edition is a roundup of stories published in the previous 24 hours, a weekly edition would round up the best stories that week on each blog.)

It's our goal to bring you SmartPlanet's great content however you like it best. So speak up, and leave your comments in the TalkBack section below. We're listening!

--The Editors

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com

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