Welcome to SmartPlanet, a new CBS Interactive site

Welcome to SmartPlanet! We're a new site from CBS Interactive that will bring you the best energy, science, tech, healthcare and design news -- from a business angle.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Welcome to SmartPlanet!

A new brand from CBS Interactive -- the folks behind CNET, CBSNews.com, BNET and ZDNet -- SmartPlanet is set to bring you the best energy, science, technology, healthcare, design and business news, from urban planning to DNA sequencing.

Our coverage will equally focus on cleantech, IT-driven "smart" systems and scientific discoveries, with topics such as:

We'll also be covering the people and companies behind the innovations, as both Q&As and video features.

If our name sounds familiar, that's because Ziff Davis first launched SmartPlanet.com in 1999 (November 2, to be exact) as an online e-learning community focused on the technology industry.

After CNET Networks acquired Ziff Davis in 2000, it relaunched SmartPlanet.com in 2001 as a paid learning service for IT professionals.

In 2008, CNET UK transformed the site into an eco-friendly, green lifestyle website led by Adam Vaughan that featured reviews of sustainable and ethical products.

Starting today, we're turning over a new leaf. With business as our foundation, our crack team of journalists and experts will offer daily insight and ideas on how to make our world...smarter.

Stay tuned. --The Editors

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