SmartPlanet's 2011 in review: 11 must-read stories

Whether you just joined our community or have been a longtime reader, a guide to the best stuff on SmartPlanet this year.
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It's been quite a year on SmartPlanet, and we've grown in leaps and bounds. So it's entirely possible that you missed one of our literally thousands of stories we've written in the last year.

As you bundle up for the long winter -- or for our friends in the southern hemisphere, prepare to hit the beach -- we give you this guide to 11 absolute must-read stories of 2011.

So, take a sip of your hot toddy (or caipirinha!) and join us...

A decade after 9/11, new innovations in skyscraper design

Days before the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2011, contributing editor Reena Jana takes us on a ride through the architectural improvements that those terrible events brought forth.

Particle of doubt: the Higgs boson and scientific uncertainty

Columnist John Rennie explains why uncertainty is a good thing for the scientific community.

Say command: How speech recognition will change the world

The interface of the future -- well, one of them, anyway. Editor Andrew Nusca explains where speech recognition came from, where it's going and how it will change your life forever.

At one CA farm, moving aquaculture off the grid

Contributing writer Melanie Kaplan visits an oyster farm 90 miles from San Francisco in an attempt to learn firsthand what it takes to farm the shellfish efficiently.

Melbourne designer raises the bar

Melbourne correspondent Lieu Thi Pham introduces us to interior designer Adele Winteridge, who is working to bring a progressive approach to social spaces in the hospitality and retail sectors.

'Breaking Bad' adviser on TV’s scientific accuracy

At the annual conference for the American Chemical Society, contributing writer Christina Hernandez sits down with Donna Nelson, advising chemist for the hit television show Breaking Bad.

Healthcare architecture: Testbed for building technology innovation

Columnist C.C. Sullivan takes us along with him to a number of industry events to show us the latest trends in designing for health facilities.

When good lights go bad: LED breakdown

Contributing editor Mark Halper heads to Amsterdam to ask industry insiders why LED light bulbs haven't yet taken off.

Q&A: Matthias Hollwich, co-founder, HWKN

Contributing editor Sun Joo Kim sits down with architect Matthias Hollwich to talk about how to design for aging urban communities.

Why energy journalism is so bad

Columnist Chris Nelder takes a spirited swing at the people who write about the energy sector, and offers tips on how to read between the lines.

Water-starved Beijing looks to the sea

Foreign correspondent Tom Hancock hits Beijing city streets to understand why China's capital is in such dire need of water.

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