SoBig.D only small so far, says CA

The latest SoBig varient has been over-hyped by a 'virus hungry' media, according to Computer Associates

The newest variant of the SoBig worm, SoBig.D, doesn't represent a serious threat, despite claims to the contrary, according to Computer Associates' manager of virus research Jakub Kaminski.

While he concedes that "you never know what will happen in the next few days," the researcher says the worm is getting way too much attention from a "virus hungry" media that antivirus companies are playing up to.

"Everyone's upgrading the risk factor because of the media attention, and now everyone's asking about it," Kaminski told ZDNet Australia .

"In terms of present normal outbreaks this is nothing," he added.

Antivirus vendors have updated their detection signatures to cater for Sobig.D, however many scanners will pick it up heuristically, he said.

Press releases from other security and antivirus companies have warned the worm is a serious threat.

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