Social CRM in context: Expert panel discussion

Social CRM is one of the most important enterprise software trends. At a recent conference, I convened a group of experts to explore cloud, social, mobile, big data and other important topics. Watch the entire panel discussion here.

At last week's CRM Evolution 2011 conference, held in New York, I moderated a panel called Disruption and the Lean, Mean CRM Machine.

You can watch the entire panel by clicking the player embedded below.

The panel covered key trends including cloud, mobile, social, and "big data" to explain how they fit within the context of traditional CRM. To simplify and explain these forces in a practical manner, the panel explored what these issues mean for both enterprise customers and software vendors.

Here's the panel description from the conference catalog:

The world of CRM has changed profoundly during the past several years. Large, expensive failures are no longer acceptable as a normal state of affairs. New trends, such as the cloud and social, have changed the way users and vendors view the entire CRM landscape. This panel explores how CRM is changing and what it means for both vendors and users.

The discussion is significant because the content is important and the participants are all fantastic. I carefully selected panelists who are experienced in the issues, represent diverse perspectives, and are highly articulate; aside from me, we had one industry analyst, two software vendors, and an enterprise customer. The panel consisted of:

Michael Krigsman: moderator (that's me) Mike Fauscette: Group Vice President for enterprise and social software at IDC Becky Carroll: Book author and Community Program Manager at Verizon John Taschek: Vice President of Strategy at Mitch Lieberman: Vice President of Marketing at SwordCiboodle

The panel covered a broad range of topics, including:

  • How social networking projects take root inside an organization
  • Evolution of sales force automation (SFA) into CRM
  • The shift from CRM to social CRM
  • Relationships between social CRM and the key pillars of cloud, social, mobile, and big data
  • Connecting core transaction data to information accumulated from social software
  • Practical applications and use of social CRM
  • The importance of business strategy, process, and culture as the foundation for successful social initiatives
  • Privacy, big data, and digital droppings

All members of this panel are stars and worth following closely. If you care about this subject matter, then watch the video and listen to this great discussion!


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